Anna Bett Moore

Anna Bett MoreHello all!
I’m Anna Bett Moore of abm.canvas & I am an abstract artist and interior designer here in Charleston. I grew up in Charlotte, graduated from College of Charleston in 2008 with a major in Spanish, attended interior design school in Chicago, then returned to my beloved Charleston to pursue my design and artistic careers. I juggle life between my full-time job and chasing my around-the-clock passion for creative outlets. Design and fine art go hand-in-hand, and I am fortunate that my career as an interior designer has helped serve as a segue into my growing artistic journey and continues to prove useful in bouncing the two off each other. ​I would consider myself to be a self-taught acrylic + mixed media artist. I gravitate towards abstract art, as I think it is more personal and expressive – something that I’m not sure can be formally taught in school. The process of creating an abstract piece is inherently organic, and the end result allows for open interpretation that resonates with each individual uniquely. Sometimes a canvas is just simply an opportunity for color pops on a wall, while other times the piece of art can be a significant layer around which an entire room is designed. Being able to create artwork that will live in a collector’s home as their family grows is an honor, and I am humbled each time I complete a piece and sign it over to its new owner.

My art is a reflection of my surroundings, travels, and instincts – whether that is the beautiful colors in nature, the textiles adorned by the many different cultures around the world, or simply the way I am feeling as I create. I like to let each canvas take its own shape and I tend to paint, then paint over it, and then paint over again until the work lines up with what I had in mind. I am drawn to negative space and like to balance color with white textures throughout my works.
Charleston boasts an awesome art scene that prides itself in originality while simultaneously encourages artists to collaborate and support each other. I am so excited to be a part of The Vault on King and I cannot wait to join forces with such talented gals to make our visions come to life.